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New Tobacco Law on Vaping in Portugal in2023

A Proposta de Lei,que consta da agenda da Reuniao deConselho deMinistros desta quinta-feira,12 demaio, introduz como principais alteracoes?
Equiparano tabaco aquecido ao tabaco convencional no que dizrespeito a odores,sabores e advertências de saúde;
·Alargar a proibicao defumar ao ar livredentro do perímetrodelocais deacesso ao público em geral ou deuso coletivo,tais como estabelecimentos
de saúde,estabelecimentos deensino,recintos desportivos,estacöes,paragens eapeadeiros dos transportes publicos. Estas medidas produzem
efeito a partir de23 deoutubro de2023;
·lmpossibi itar a criacao denovos espacos reservados afumadores nos recintos ondejáéproibido fumar nas áreas fechadas, excetuando-se os
aeroportos,as estacoes ferroviárias,as estaces rodoviáriasdepassageiros eas gares maritimas efluviais.Os recintos que possuem estes espacos
ao abrigo da portaria que produziu efeitos no início de2023nomeadamente os estabelecimentos derestauracao e similares, poderão mantê-los
aproibicao davenda detabacoà generalidade dos locais ondeéproibidofumar.redefnindo-seieualmente os espacos ondeépermitido a
instalacad de maquinas devenda automá auais devemlocalizar-seamais de300 metros deestabelecimentos deensino.As alteracões as
devenda de tabaco produziräo efeitos a partir dejaneiro de2025
Cerca dedois tercos das causas demortenos fumadores sao atribuiveis ao consumo do tabaco e,em média,um fumador vivemenos 10 anos do que um
nao fumador. Otabacoéo único fator derisco comum aauatro das principais dedoencas crónicas: cancro,doenca respiratoria crónica, diabetes e
doencas cerebro-cardiovasculares.Estima-seaindaqueem2019tenham ocorrido.em Portugal.cerca de 13.500óbitos atribuiveis ao tabaco

Portugal officially legalized HNB and regulated flavored products.

Normally, heat-not-burn tobacco products (Heat-Not-Burn, HNB), also known as heated tobacco products (Heated Tobacco Product, HTP)


The Portuguese government recently issued a statement on “Achieving a Tobacco-Free Generation by 2040“, which said it would approve an amendment this week. The amendment incorporates the European Authorization Directive on heated tobacco products into Portuguese law, prohibits the sale of heated tobacco products containing flavorings in their ingredients, and further expands the no-smoking area.


It also pointed out that Portugal will ban the sale of heated tobacco products containing flavoring agents from October 2023. In addition, the bill will treat heated tobacco products the same as traditional tobacco, and the packaging of heated tobacco products will incorporate health warning labels, including text and pictures.


It can be seen from Portugal’s policy that HNB will be formally included in national regulatory laws and regulations, and flavored HNB will be banned at the same time. Including requirements for product, text, picture and other packaging. Laws are also submitted to the Assembly of the Republic for a vote.


As one of the new tobacco categories, HNB has become very popular in Europe and even the world in recent years. It has also received the same attention as atomized electronic cigarettes.


What changes have been made in Portugal’s revision of the new law?


Mainly “four”:

1. Taste requirements. Match heated tobacco to conventional tobacco in terms of smell, taste and health warnings;

2. Place restrictions. Prohibited near public buildings. Smoking will be prohibited within the perimeter of places accessible to the public or used by groups, such as health facilities, educational institutions, sports venues, stations, stops and public transport drop-offs. This method is from


Effective October 23, 2023; includes a ban on smoking outside bars, restaurants and cafes, and near public buildings such as hospitals, schools, universities and sports venues.

3. Except for airports, railway stations, passenger bus stations and sea and river stations, it is impossible to create new spaces for smokers in areas where smoking is already prohibited in closed areas. According to the regulations that come into force at the beginning of 2023, the enclosures that hold these spaces, that is, catering establishments and similar establishments, will be able to be maintained until 2030;

4. Restrictions on sales scenarios. Expand the ban on tobacco sales to most non-smoking places, while redefining the space where vending machines are allowed to be installed, which must be more than 300 meters away from educational institutions. Changes to the tobacco sales ban will come into effect in January 2025.

There are also restrictions on advertising, enabling younger generations to live in a smoke-free environment by limiting outlets for sale or eliminating advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products and e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, taking into account deterring experimentation and addiction.


It can be seen from the core that in order to promote smoke-free, Portugal is strengthening the expansion of non-smoking areas and restricting sales.


As a European country, Portugal has a very broad HNB market. Including Philip Morris International, Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco and other giants have layout here. For example, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) launched the Logic e-cigarette in Portugal.


Portugal currently allows e-cigarettes, but imposes high taxes on them and restricts the sale of pods containing nicotine. However, the tax rate was subsequently revised and the consumption tax rate for e-cigarettes was halved.


Normally, heat-not-burn tobacco products (Heat-Not-Burn, HNB), also known as heated tobacco products (Heated Tobacco Product, HTP). In recent years, Heat No Burn (Heat No Burn, abbreviated as HNB), as a new type of tobacco, has developed rapidly. At present, Portugal in Europe has also officially introduced this concept, and formally legislated and supervised it.


Portugal, one of the EU countries and one of the ancient European countries, with a population of more than 10 million, is located in the southwest of Europe. Now it is also paying attention to the legislation of HNB products, and has imposed obvious place restrictions on the use of new tobacco products!


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