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1. What Is LAFI?

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Huston TEXAS, LAFI belong to toro imports! we are considered as the old head in the fifield and proudly become

one of the top wholesaler and famous branding in US. Through the years, we continuously invested on R&D New atomization technology and electronic cigarette design and quickly branched out into creating our own disposable vape brand LAFI.

LAFI vape was inspired by a vision of a better lifestyle, we hope our users are touched by our pursuit to present them with the best e-cigarette products. we encourage every user to search within themselves and discover their inner drive and pursuit of new tastes of life.

2. What is the minimum age to purchase LAFI??

You must be of legal smoking age in your state/country.

3. How to authenticate my LAFI??

Please click here to verify your device.

4. Is there diacetyl in LAFI??

There is no diacetyl in our products, and all LAFI products are certified safe for use.

5. What are the LAFI VAPE Warranty and Return Policy?

Please check the Warranty Terms & Conditions for details.

6. LAFI's market and partners in the United States

Lafi vape After years of long-term brand accumulation in the United States,  has been deeply cultivated in major states such as texas oregon florida Chicago. Currently, it covers 3,000 e-cigarette physical stores, and cooperates with toro imports midwest goods, AK wholesale, Cali kulture, Sourin vape Airbar usa, etc. Large e-cigarette wholesalers maintain a long-term and stable close cooperative relationship

7.The Unrivaled Market Leader in E-Cigarette Wholesale - Revolutionizing the Vaping Industry in the USA

The most popular e-cigarette wholesale brand LAFI in the USA stands tall as the unrivaled market leader in the ever-evolving world of vaping. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, superior quality, and impeccable customer satisfaction, this exceptional brand has successfully revolutionized the e-cigarette industry, leaving an indelible mark on vapers nationwide.

From the moment LAFI brand hit the market, it captivated the attention of enthusiasts seeking an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Boasting an impressive range of cutting-edge products, their commitment to continually pushing boundaries within the vaping industry has granted them an unbeatable edge.

Delivering an extraordinary lineup of e-cigarette products that merge sleek design, reliability, and advanced technology, this brand understands the true essence of vaping. Each wholesale purchase guarantees access to an exclusive collection of e-cigarettes, comprising of state-of-the-art devices meticulously designed to elevate the vaping experience.

Catering to a diverse clientele, whether new to vaping or seasoned aficionados, lafi brand offers an assortment of wholesale options to accommodate varying preferences and needs. This unparalleled commitment to product diversity solidifies their status as the go-to choice for retail outlets and distributors across the USA, seeking to meet consumers' demands for premium vaping solutions.

Collaborating with renowned manufacturers, vape brand ensures that every wholesale order encompasses the latest technological advancements and safety standards. Their unwavering devotion to quality control combined with rigorous testing guarantees that customers receive only the finest e-cigarettes on the market.

Moreover, exceptional customer service is at the heart of LAFI brand's operations. Their knowledgeable team of professionals provides exemplary assistance and guidance, offering retailers and distributors a seamless experience when stocking their inventories.

The most popular e-cigarette wholesale brand in the USA has undoubtedly transformed the vaping landscape. In a world driven by innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, they continue to set the benchmark for excellence, earning the trust and loyalty of countless vaping enthusiasts nationwide. Embark on a flavorful journey with this esteemed brand - where excellence meets passion, and vaping reaches new heights.

1. What are the main ingredients of e-liquid??

The main ingredients used in LAFI series products in e-liquid: food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavors, and nicotine (except for nicotine-free products).

2. Is there anything special about the appearance of LAFI products?

Lafi adopts the appearance design of crystal diamond and is made of the industry's top environmental protection materials. It has a full three-dimensional effect and crystal clear surface treatment, which makes us shine in any venue

And under the atomization of lafivape, it is more dazzling

3. how Lafi vape products taste?

All series of Lafi products are prepared with top brands of e-liquid, and they are prepared with hundreds of unique flavors. The taste is smooth and refreshing, and the atomization is rich and mellow

4. Does lafi use American e-liquid?

As e-cigarettes become a widely recognized healthy smoking cessation method and lifestyle, what kind of oil to choose has become a difficult problem for e-cigarettes.
Among the dazzling array of e-liquid brands, imported oil, especially American oil, has become the first choice of many e-liquids due to its mature market norms, excellent product quality and rich taste choices.
We will customize the local American e-liquid according to the customer's requirements to make the taste that meets the consumer's preference. And we have strategic cooperation with several top e-liquid brands in the United States

5. E-cigarette oil leakage? How to deal with this problem?

Many users do not know much about e-cigarettes, and if they are a little careless during use, there will be oil leakage from the vaporizer of the e-cigarette. What is an oil spill? E-liquid flows out in abnormal ways, such as from the outside of the glass of the atomization chamber, the base of the atomizer, and the outside of the cigarette holder. For the oil leakage of the electronic cigarette atomizer, the following reasons should be paid attention to, especially for novice players, because a large part of the reason for the oil leakage is caused by improper use at the beginning.

1. Refueling too fast or too full (the most common problem for novices)

Some novice friends are too hasty when moistening the core, adding too much e-liquid quickly, which makes the atomizing core too saturated or a part of the e-liquid is not absorbed by the atomizing core and enters the base. Oil leakage will also occur if the oil is too full Condition.

Solution: try not to add too much when refueling! Generally, it should not exceed 2/3 of the oil storage tank at most. Try to add as little as possible, add a little less each time, and add more after pumping. Don't try to save trouble and add too much. This is determined by the structure and working principle of the atomizer. The oil in the oil storage tank penetrates into the atomizing core through the small hole of the atomizer, and then the atomizing core is energized to heat the infiltrated e-liquid, and the heated e-liquid turns into smoke and comes out of the cigarette holder. If the filling is too full, the air pressure in the atomization chamber will be low, and more e-liquid will penetrate into the atomization core under the action of gravity, so it is easy to flow out or suck into the mouth from the cigarette holder.

2. Wrong usage

Many friends will habitually blow a breath into the nebulizer when using it, which is wrong.

First of all, the structure of the finished oil storage atomizer and the dripping oil atomizer are different. Blowing air into the finished atomizer for a long time will sometimes cause the oil spots of the frying oil to be blown into the base, and the long-term Condensation builds up, causing oil spills.

Solution: Try not to blow air into the cigarette holder. If you feel the sound of water stains when you smoke the electronic cigarette, it means that there are condensation droplets on the inner wall of the flue. However, blowing air in will not solve the problem.

3. The sealing rubber ring of the atomizer is lost or damaged

The most likely to be lost or damaged during the use of the atomizer is the sealing rubber ring. If the sealing rubber ring where the atomizing core is in contact with the base is lost or damaged, oil leakage will also occur.

Solution: When unscrewing the atomizer to refuel, the action should be light, and try not to touch the sealing rubber ring. If the sealing rubber ring is accidentally removed, carefully install it back and tighten it after filling the e-liquid. If it is lost or damaged, just replace it with a new atomizer. (The sealing ring on the old atomizer can be removed for use)

4. The thread at the connection of the atomizer is not tightened

The refueling part of the atomizer and the part combined with the battery rod are connected by a sealing rubber ring and a thread. If the thread is not tightened and the sealing rubber ring is not squeezed, the sealing effect will not be achieved, which will cause the e-liquid to seep out from the cigarette holder or the joint part with the battery rod.

Solution: After the thread is tightened, re-tighten it with an appropriate force until it can no longer be screwed to ensure that all the threads are tightened. 

5. The wrong way of use and the intensity of smoking are too strong or too fast, causing the smoke oil to be sucked into the mouth

I often hear many newcomers who are new to e-cigarettes complain that it is very painful to suck the e-liquid into their mouths, and suspect that it is the quality of e-cigarettes. In fact, this is largely due to ignorance of the use of e-cigarettes. In this case, except for a few that are indeed quality problems, most of them are caused by smoking too hard and too fast. E-cigarettes are not like real cigarettes. The stronger the smoking force, the faster the combustion, and the greater the amount of smoke, but the longer the smoking time, the greater the smoke.

Solution: When smoking e-cigarettes, do not inhale with the mouthpiece facing down, but inhale with the mouthpiece tilted up at 45 degrees. Do not inhale violently or quickly during the inhalation process, but maintain a steady and appropriate force to inhale. Because the e-cigarette does not need to burn, it only needs to suck hard enough to ensure that the atomized smoke can be sucked into the mouth (if you want to take a big puff, you can suck for a longer time). If the suction force is too strong and fast, it is easy to suck the condensate in the flue or the e-liquid that has not been atomized into the mouth.

6. Long-term placement

The e-liquid in the atomizer has not been used for a long time, which will also cause oil leakage. Because most of the finished atomizers are negative-pressure oil-guiding structures, the internal pressure of the atomizer will continue to guide oil when it is placed for a long time, and too much smoke oil in the atomizing core will seep into the base and cause leakage. Oil.

Solution: try to add the e-liquid according to your own consumption every time, and ensure that the oil added on the day can be exhausted on the same day. If it needs to be left for a long time, unscrew the atomizer and throw out the e-liquid inside.

In addition, the occasional inhalation of e-liquid in the mouth from the cigarette holder does not belong to the phenomenon of oil leakage. This is generally the water droplets formed by the accumulation and condensation of "atomized steam". As mentioned above, the solution is: shake out the remaining liquid from the cigarette holder, and then use a paper towel to twist it into a rope and insert it into a rotation to wipe it dry. For more information, please follow LAFI.


6.6 Most Popular Vaping Tricks Every Intermediate Vaper Can Learn

1. The Ghost Inhale: This trick involves taking a drag from your vape device and exhaling it all at once. As you exhale, quickly suck the vapor back into your mouth, creating a cloud-like ball. This trick requires control over your exhale and inhale technique.

2. The French Inhale: Also known as "the mushroom cloud," this trick involves exhaling the vapor slowly while using your tongue to push the cloud out of your mouth. Simultaneously, inhale through your nose to bring the expelled vapor back in. This trick requires coordination between your mouth and nose.

3. The Dragon: This trick involves inhaling the vapor and exhaling it forcefully through your nose and both sides of your mouth simultaneously. The result is a dragon-like cloud formation. It requires strong exhale control and the ability to push the vapor out of different openings of your mouth.

4. The Waterfall: This trick involves taking a long drag from your vape device without inhaling. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds, then exhale slowly, slightly tilting your head forward. The vapor will flow down like a waterfall. The Waterfall requires control over your mouth and head positioning.

5. The Jellyfish: Take a drag from your vape device and exhale a thick cloud. As the cloud disperses, quickly push your hand through the center, creating small, separate rings. This trick is a combination of exhaling a cloud while maintaining control over your hand movement.

6. The Tornado: This trick involves taking a long drag and exhaling the vapor low to the ground. With one hand, quickly motion in a circular pattern around the vaporous cloud, creating a spinning tornado effect. The Tornado requires coordination between your exhalation technique and hand movement.

7.Top 10 Things New Vapers Should Know About E-Liquids

Discover the essential insights about e-liquids that every novice vaper needs to know with this informative guide. From understanding the components of e-liquids to exploring the various nicotine strengths and flavors available, this comprehensive list highlights the key factors that influence the vaping experience.

Learn why the quality of ingredients used in e-liquids plays a crucial role in both taste and safety. Explore the difference between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) in e-liquid bases, and how they affect throat hit, vapor production, and overall vaping satisfaction.

Get acquainted with the diverse range of nicotine strengths offered and understand the impact on experienced satisfaction, as well as potential nicotine addiction concerns. Uncover the variety of flavor profiles available, ranging from classic tobacco and refreshing menthol to exotic fruits and decadent desserts, allowing vapers to tailor their vaping experience to their personal taste preferences.

Discover the importance of proper storage and maintenance of e-liquids to ensure optimal flavor and longevity. Understand the role of steeping, a process that enhances the flavor of e-liquids over time and the benefits of allowing it to mature before use.

Explore the wide array of specialized e-liquid devices available, including pod systems, sub-ohm tanks, and rebuildable atomizers, each offering a unique vaping experience. Learn how to select the appropriate device for your vaping needs and desired level of customization.

Understand the significance of choosing reputable e-liquid brands that adhere to strict manufacturing standards and have their products tested by accredited laboratories. Learn to identify quality certifications that guarantee safety and purity.

Explore the importance of responsible vaping and the potential risks associated with using e-liquids. Educate yourself about proper usage, associated health concerns, and age restrictions to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

Whether you're a beginner looking to embark on your vaping journey or seeking comprehensive knowledge about e-liquids, this essential guide provides the top 10 indispensable pieces of information to maximize your vaping pleasure and safety.

8.9 basic vaping tips & secrets that are great for beginners

Start with a beginner-friendly device: Choose a simple and easy-to-use starter kit that suits your needs. Look for devices with adjustable power settings to customize your vaping experience.

Use the right nicotine strength: If you are transitioning from smoking, choose an e-liquid with a nicotine strength similar to what you were consuming through cigarettes. This will help satisfy your cravings and ease the transition.

Prime your coils before vaping: Before using a new coil, saturate it with e-liquid by applying a few drops directly onto the cotton wick. This helps prevent "dry hits" and ensures proper liquid flow.

Experiment with different flavors: Vaping offers a wide range of flavor options, so don't be afraid to try new things. Start with popular flavors like fruit or menthol, and gradually explore other options based on your preferences.

Don't rush your inhales: Unlike smoking, where quick puffs are common, take slow and steady inhales when vaping. This allows the coils to heat evenly and ensures a smoother vape.

Watch your e-liquid levels: Keep an eye on the e-liquid levels in your tank. If it gets too low, you risk burning the coil and experiencing an unpleasant taste. Refill your tank before it runs dry.

Clean your device regularly: Regular maintenance is key to keeping your vape clean and performing well. Clean the tank, drip tip, and other removable parts using warm water or a mild detergent. Dry everything thoroughly before reassembling.

Don't chain vape: Give your device a break between hits to prevent overheating or depleting the e-liquid too quickly. Take a few seconds between puffs to let your coil cool down.

Stay hydrated: Vaping can sometimes cause dehydration, so keep a bottle of water nearby and stay hydrated. It will also help minimize any potential throat irritation.

Remember, these tips are meant to enhance your vaping experience, but everyone's preferences may vary. Be patient and willing to explore what works best for you.

9.Top 10 Questions For E-cigarette Brands in 2023

In 2023, the e-cigarette industry is experiencing rapid growth and technological advancements, offering consumers a wide array of choices. As more and more brands enter the market, consumers are becoming increasingly curious about various aspects of these electronic smoking devices. To provide guidance and ensure informed decision-making, this article presents the top ten crucial questions that individuals should consider when evaluating e-cigarette brands in 2023.

1. Product Safety and Regulation: How does the brand comply with safety standards and governmental regulations, ensuring the production and distribution of safe and reliable e-cigarette devices?

2. Battery Life and Charging Options: What is the battery life of the e-cigarette? Does the brand integrate innovative charging options, such as USB-C or wireless charging, to enhance convenience for users?

3. Performance and Vapor Quality: Does the brand prioritize delivering a satisfying vaping experience? How does the e-cigarette perform in terms of vapor production, flavor enhancement, and nicotine delivery?

4. Range of Flavors and Nicotine Strengths: How diverse is the brand's flavor selection, catering to different user preferences? Can users choose from a variety of nicotine strengths, including options for nicotine reduction or elimination?

5. Device Customization and User-Friendliness: Does the brand offer customizable features, such as adjustable airflow or wattage settings? How user-friendly is the e-cigarette, especially for beginners or those transitioning from traditional cigarettes?

6. Refillable vs. Disposable Options: Does the brand offer both refillable and disposable e-cigarette options? What are the pros and cons of each, and which one better suits the user's lifestyle and preferences?

7. Cost and Value for Money: How does the brand's pricing compare to competitors, considering factors like device durability, lifespan, and overall user experience? Is the e-cigarette a cost-effective choice in the long run?

8. Customer Service and Warranty: What kind of after-sales support does the brand provide? Is there a warranty period, and how responsive is the customer service team in addressing queries, troubleshooting, or potential device issues?

9. Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Does the brand prioritize environmentally friendly practices, such as using recyclable materials or offering responsible disposal options for e-cigarette components, including the batteries?

10. Research and Development: Is the brand actively involved in research and development, constantly striving to improve their products and introduce technological advancements? How does their innovation contribute to enhanced user experiences and healthier alternatives to traditional smoking?

By considering these top 10 questions for e-cigarette brands in 2023, consumers can make well-informed decisions when selecting an e-cigarette brand that aligns with their preferences, priorities, and values.



1. How Can I Become Your Wholesaler?

Please contact us or email [email protected]

2. How can I purchase LAFI products?

We do wholesale business only, please fill in the wholesale request form with the necessary information if you're interested in it. For personal or retail usage, you might contact our official distributors in your country/region. If necessary, contact us with your detailed address thus we can help you find out the local distributors.

3. Does LAFi do OEM service?

As a well-known brand in the United States, LAFI has more than 3,000 physical stores in the United States, Europe and the Middle East to serve users, and has received a good experience in the market. However, the ogbarz disposable electronic cigarette brand of the company group can provide OEM ODM services. The company has strong R&D and production capabilities and looks forward to cooperating with you

4. Lafi's market development plan?

Lafi is based in the United States, and is now strategically deploying and promoting in the Middle East, Europe, and the UK. We continue to participate in global electronic cigarette exhibitions, and are looking for more high-quality long-term cooperative freight forwarders and exclusive agents for the lafi brand. Our brand adheres to cooperation.

LAFI was inspired by a vision of a better lifestyle, we hope our users are touched

by our pursuit to present them with the best products. we encourage every user to

search within themselves and discover their inner drive and pursuit of new tastes of life.

5. Refer to the link:Warranty Policy - LAFI (

LAFI company provides warranty service (Device and atomizer only, coil and pod are not included). The warranty period is 180 days from the date of the purchase. Please keep the anti-counterfeit code and proof of purchase after receiving the product. The following conditions are not covered in the warranty. 1. Exceeding the warranty 2. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance, and storage  3. Damage caused by unauthorized repair. 4. Damage caused by force majeure.