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We are proud to provide high quality products for the health of e-cigarette users

our mission

10 years of atomization experience

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Los Angeles, LAFI vape are a leading vape brand that have been involved in the e-cig industry since the early days of modern vaping,After a long period of precipitation of smoking disposable device technology, it has won the trust of major wholesalers and established a deep cooperative relationship

vape factory

Factory production capacity

The LAFI factory has the world’s most advanced automated dust-free workshop production line of 5,000 square meters, has passed the ISO production system certification, and has its own atomization flavoring laboratory

our capabilities

Strong R&D

Through the years, we continuously invested on R&D and repeatedly optimized the atomization technology,Constantly pursue innovative design concepts and pursue healthy atomization systems

our market

Creating LAFI Brand

Lafi has held various offline cigarette tasting activities around the world, e-cigarette exhibitions, and 3,000 retail stores to sell our products, and go deep into every smoking user to personally taste and comment


Close-range offline taste activities of smoking users

LAFI Disposable vape store in use
Vape Video
Vape Video

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Huston TEXAS, LAFI belong to toro imports!

Top wholesaler and famous branding in US

we are considered as the old head in the field and proudly become one of the top wholesaler and famous electronic cigarettes branding in US. Through the years, we continuously invested on R&D and quickly branched out into creating our own disposable brand LAFI.

Discover their inner drive and pursuit of new tastes

LAFI was inspired by a vision of a better lifestyle, we hope our users are touched by our pursuit to present them with the best vapor products. we encourage every user to search within themselves and discover their inner drive and pursuit of new tastes of life.

LAFI now has a strong global distribution network

With increasing popularity and demand, LAFI now has a strong global distribution partner network, France Top 10 VAPO STAR, Middle East “VAPE KING” Z&Z, etc. LAFI positions itself as a pivotal and revolutionary e-cigarette brand, Reliable atomization brand supplier,providing superior quality devices with the highest standards to protect people’s health and enjoy a happier life.

Wholesale Vapor is a USA based vape shop supply company offering a wide variety of wholesale vape products including wholesale vape juice, wholesale cbd Whether it be our leading brand Puff Bar , or our original famous Mermaid Tears flavor, we make vape affordable for everyone. Our Customers Love Us!
Our vision and target


Established in 2013 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, LAFI belongs to Toro Imports.Lafi vape’s original crystal diamond appearance design and crystal clear three-dimensional visual effect truly reflect lafi’s pursuit of beauty. The vaping represented by jewel 6500 and jewel 8000 has already given e-cigarette lovers endless beautiful user experience in the market,And we also continue to launch Vape pen,QBOX, Refillable Vape Pod System,Very fashionable and tasteful e-cigarette brand

Lafite’s global mission

Lafi will work with brands, wholesalers and retailers in the global smoking accessories market to provide high-quality and products and services for the health atomization market


Let's build a world's most valuable vape brand together

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help vape smoke user to create amazing vapes by crafting top-notch designs and accessories.