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A new attraction at the Tobacco Show in Dortmund, Germany: Can reloadable e-cigarettes become the next growth pole?

“Inter Tabac, Dortmund Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories Exhibition in Germany” is the leading professional exhibition for the tobacco and smoking accessories industry in Europe and even the world. Exhibited products include cigars, cigarettes, smoking sets, new tobacco (suscus, electronic cigarettes, HNB, etc.) and electronic cigarette manufacturing equipment, tobacco peripheral accessories, etc. It attracts hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors from nearly 60 countries every year to share the feast of the tobacco industry. Recently, many European governments have become increasingly negative about disposable e-cigarettes. How they view the current classification of e-cigarette products in the European market and whether the market structure will be reshuffled has become one of the most noteworthy issues at this exhibition.

Many governments have stated that disposable e-cigarettes may be banned?

The rise of disposable e-cigarettes is due to their lightweight, compact, cool appearance, affordable price, and easy operation. They have quickly occupied the market of new tobacco-applicable people in Europe and the United States. But it is also based on the above characteristics that it has become the reason for criticism by many people. Many illegal disposable e-cigarettes do not have high quality control and quality requirements, resulting in inferior and substandard products being rampant on the black market. The attractive taste and appearance as well as the “friendly price” are also considered by European countries to easily attract minors. It is worth noting that the non-degradability and battery pollution of disposable e-cigarettes are also the most important reasons why they have been criticized verbally and writtenly by European countries.

According to news from the British resource recycling website circularonline on September 4, Clyde Loakes, chairman of the North London Waste Management Authority (NLWA) in the UK, has written to the Secretary of State and the Minister of the Environment, stating that disposable e-cigarettes are ” The government has been urged to ban disposable e-cigarettes due to their “complex material composition” which makes recycling “logistically difficult, labor intensive and expensive”.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bohn said in an interview with RTL radio on September 3 that the French government is planning to announce a new plan to solve the smoking problem, including a ban on the use of disposable e-cigarettes.

The European Union has proposed a plan to ban disposable e-cigarettes by the end of 2026.

Against the background of the tough attitude of many government agencies towards disposable e-cigarettes, the search for market alternatives to disposable e-cigarettes has become a good way to reconcile the contradiction between user product demand and social responsibility awareness. Some industry insiders believe that reloadable products are expected to become an alternative to disposable e-cigarettes after restrictions, and will soon usher in a new round of market explosion in the European market.

Flexible brands are actively deploying POD system. Who will be the disruptor in the industry?

It is reported that there are not many reloadable e-cigarette brands participating in Inter Tabac in Germany. What is worthy of attention is that RELX, a Chinese head reloadable e-cigarette brand, will appear at the exhibition. In addition, the emerging reloadable e-cigarette brand ANYX, which focuses on cotton cores, It will also make its debut in Inter Tabac. In addition, as the world’s largest manufacturer of removable ceramic atomizer cores, FeelM, a technology brand owned by Smoore, will not miss this excellent exposure opportunity. Traditional e-cigarette brand Geekvape will also appear at the exhibition.

This Inter Tabac exhibition coincides with European countries considering banning disposable e-cigarettes. Therefore, the exhibition is particularly important. Perhaps this will also become a turning point in the changes in the hot market of disposable e-cigarettes in Europe. If the ban is really implemented, which reloadable brand can stand out and become the first “terminator” to break the monopoly of the disposable e-cigarette market? let us wait and see.

Welsh government calls for ban on disposable e-cigarettes

According to the BBC, the Welsh government has joined the Scottish government in calling for a ban on disposable e-cigarettes. Welsh ministers said that the move would be “part of a series of measures to address the problem of youth vaping”, but that the Welsh government has no power to ban e-cigarettes. smoke and therefore called on the British government to do so. Welsh ministers are expected to meet the UK government on the issue later this week.

The British Electronic Cigarette Industry Association said banning disposable e-cigarettes “is not the answer” and banning these products could lead to an increase in the black market and smoking rates, putting more people at risk. John Dunn, director general of the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association, said: “We have always acknowledged that the issue of youth vaping and the impact of vaping on the environment needs to be addressed, however, it is clear that regulations on the sale of products to minors need to be significantly strengthened. Retailer Enforcement Strength.”

Wildlife charity RSPCA Cymru supports calls for a ban, saying discarded e-cigarettes contain plastic, lithium and nicotine, which are harmful to animals.


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