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Best flavored vaping settings

Some vapers are all about the clouds, the bigger the better. Others want the best DL (direct lung) vape around. Then there are the vapers who chase flavour, no matter the cost. We see you, we hear you and we are here with the ultimate guide for flavour chasers.

Flavour chasers are people who vape and constantly hunt for the biggest and best flavour from their vape juice. The part of their vaping experience that matters the most is clean, crisp taste from their juice of choice.

Strap in and get ready to ride the flavour wave with us.


Flavour chasing is wanting to experience the very best flavour from your e-liquid.

Each vaper is individual and will want to get something different out of their everyday vaping experience. Flavour chasers tend to look for an MTL (mouth to lung) vape, with restricted airflow and specific vape coils. This style of vaping doesn’t produce huge clouds or use massive amounts of power and airflow, in fact it is the opposite.

This style of vaping tends to have a more restricted draw, more reminiscent to that of smoking. The clouds of vapour produced will be modest compared to sub-ohm vape kits with huge power output or drippers and mech mods. But the flavour from your chosen vape juice will be second to none.


How do you perfect the ultimate flavour chasing vape? Let us run you though the top tips for flavour chasers;


How do you perfect the ultimate flavour chasing vape? Let us run you though the top tips for flavour chasers;


E-Liquids for best flavour   

If you don’t think you’re getting much flavour from an e-liquid, check the PG/VG ratio. If your e-liquid has a high or max VG level, that’s probably the reason you’re not tasting as much as you would expect. VG e-liquids are great when you want big clouds and minimal throat hit, but not as potent for flavour. PG is actually a far better conduit for flavour than VG, so you should look for something with a 50% PG ratio if you want better vape flavours. You’ll find that you’ll have a bigger throat hit, so your e-liquid may not be great for cloud chasing, and you’ll need to use a higher temperature, but you’ll definitely notice an improvement in the flavour.

For long-term vapers, it may be that a stronger e-liquid flavour is needed, or if you’ve become particularly enamoured with a certain flavour you might need to branch out for a while and give your tastebuds time to reset.

You might also want to look at the way you store your e-liquid. It’s best to keep e-liquid stored somewhere dark and cool, to stop the flavours from degrading over time.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try steeping new e-liquid to enhance the flavour. Try using a mix of exposing them to air for a week and agitating the juice a few times a day as it steeps. You should see a change in colour, and notice a change in flavour.

 Change your coil 

If your favourite e-liquid has lost its usual taste or nothing seems to be giving you the same hit as before, it’s time to change the coil.

People who vape a lot or use high VG e-liquids will find that their coil and wick need to be changed weekly, while less regular vapers might get away with normally changing their coil once a month. As well as reduced flavours, a spent coil will give a dry, hot taste to a vape, may cause your e-cigarette to make a gurgling sound, and could leak e-liquid into the battery unit.

Those who build their own coils and wicks could also look at the materials they use. Japanese organic cotton is proving to be a popular wick choice for vapers who want more e-liquid flavours, while some advanced vapers recommend ceramic wicks. You might even find that using different coil materials help – stainless steel, nickel and titanium could all add a subtly different flavour to your vape.

Adjust your power settings  

If you have a variable device of any kind, simply adjusting your settings up or down is the simplest and usually the most effective way to alter the flavour and taste of your e-liquid.

Because different flavourings in your juice vapourise at different temperatures, you’ll find different elements of the flavour come out at different voltage/wattage (or temperature) settings. Your setting, in conjunction with the electrical resistance of your coil, dictates how fast and how hot the coil gets.

The type or design of airflow can affect the flavour 

As well as the amount of air flowing through, the position of the airflow holes also make a difference.

Air holes on many tanks allow air to the side of the coil and this is perfectly fine but it doesn’t always work as well as air underneath the coil which then has a direct path up to the mouthpiece and often improves the flavour.


Always start with lower settings and work your way up until you reach what’s called the ‘sweet spot’. All e-liquid flavours have their own unique sweet spot so take your time to experiment when you start out with new flavours.

It helps to start with e-liquid blends that are generally most suitable for the type of coil in your tank, by that we mean choose one that’s not too thick if you’re using a standard coil, and if you’re using a sub-Ohm coil, avoid very thin liquids.

For any one type of liquid, you may find it really shines at 30W and while you may expect another to be stunning at a similar range, you could find it takes off at 20W. This trial and error is all part of the ‘fun’ of vaping!

If you have a temperature control device (with the appropriate coils for TC mode), you have an added advantage because you can control the temperature which means you’re controlling the temperature of the coil, and the heat in the coil affects the flavour. Again you just need to experiment with your settings, starting on the low side and work up towards finding that sweet spot.

 Take care of your vape juice

Last, but by no means least, is the vape juice itself. You need to take care of your e-liquid to make sure that the flavour doesn’t degrade before you can really enjoy it.

Make sure it is always tightly sealed when it isn’t in use. Keep it away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. A nice place for your juices will always be a kitchen cupboard away from your oven.


We are yet to mention RDA’s and RTA’s, but for some vapers these are the only way to get the very best flavour possible. Why is this? Personalisation.

With an RDA or RTA you control everything. What resistance the coil is, what the coil is made of, how many coils there are, what the wicking material is, how much wicking material, I could keep going.

These are a way for vapers to truly control every aspect of your flavour experience. You build your own coils and wick them yourself. Do a build and you aren’t happy with the flavour? That’s ok, take it out and rebuild it quickly and easily.

These are the true representation of tailoring; this is why some advanced flavour chasers will only vape this way.

Choosing Disposable vape for Flavour chasing

Disposable vapes will be debugged in advance by the manufacturer in the production process to ensure the perfect combination of the device and the taste of e-liquid. When buying Disposable vapes, pay special attention to the brand and counterfeit issues of the device.


The taste and equipment parameters of each brand are entirely different. The LAFI vape brand is recommended here. LAFI has a self-developed e-liquid laboratory to develop the blending of various e-liquid flavors. The super-large modern factory ensures the quality of the equipment, and professional florists adjust the parameters of e-liquid and equipment to achieve the best flavor



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